Horror story

When I was about 10, we my family of six lived in an extremely small apartment. Two bedrooms upstairs and then the living room. When I was tired of my siblings I would sleep downstairs. One night I am lying on the couch facing the front door and watching the sky through the window by the door when a face shows up in the window illuminated by a lighter. I freeze, and the face goes away. I’m pretty relieved, thinking it was maybe our druggie neighbours seeing if my parents were still awake when it shows up again. I try to scream but when I hope my mouth nothing came out, not a sound. The person then kicks in the door and walks in the room, he sees me, smiles and goes towards the kitchen. As he comes out of the kitchen with a knife my dad makes it down the stairs and the guy boots it out of there. Since that day every night i see the same guy doing the same thing every time.
My parents tell's me that im crazy but i just think that i can see ghost's since that day.

Colombia- Barranquilla - Neighborhood


The republic of colombia's oat of arms has three horizontal stripes. The condor bird of our Andes, means freedom. It stands frontward, wings extended and looking to the right. A green lauren crown and a waving ribbon hang from its beak. On the ribbon are written the words libertad y orden, the national motto. Colombia is soeverein state largely situated in the northwest of south America, with territories in central America. Colombia shares a  border to the to the northwest with panama wich used to be Colombian territory, also shares border to the east with Venezuela and Brazil and to the south of Ecuador and Peru. Colombia has thirty two departments and thirty two capitals, also 6 regions with are. Caribe, Andina, Pacifica, Insular, Oriniquia and Amazonia. Colombia is one of the best places to visit due the extend rivers and beautiful oceans but most important is the view from the mountains and the variety of food and people that colombia have. As you already know, the main la…


My name is Santiago Landinez Lopez. I was born on may 16, 2002 in Sincelejo Sucre and i am the youngest son of my family. The members of my family are, my sister Juanita Landinez Lopez, my mom Valentina Lopez Serna and last but not least my dad Camilo Landinez Aranguren. I was practically race in Bogota since i was 2 year old but before that i lived in Cobeñas for one year because my dad used to be military so before i was born my family used to live everywhere.  When i was 8 months old my dad had an accident falling from 15 meters high, luckily he survived by  god´s work. Due the accident me and my family moved to Bogota. I lived there almost for 8 years until the army transfer my dad to barranquilla. When we moved here my dad and my mom start to having a bad relationship which ended up in a divorce, due that my mom decided to take my sister and i to Bogota whit the rest of our family that used to live there. After two years the things did not work so well for my mom so we decided t…